Episode 21: Belly of the Beast (2003)

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This week, hosts Dominic Lawton & Ken B Wild are slowly sliding under a window as they deep dive the 2003 Steven Segal film - BELLY OF THE BEAST.

The boys discuss stunt doubles, fight choreography and transvestite assassins! Meanwhile, Dom deconstructs the scene in which a low level thug gets killed by a tomato whilst Ken sets about designing a Steven Seagal action figure!

The film pitch this week sees the BMC fulfilling a real life request from Steven Seagal of starring in a western! When a vicious gang run rampant in a small peaceful farming town it's up to Steven Seagal's retired US Marshall and his former partners to strap on the six shooters one last time...Steven Seagal is Father Flying Bear! Cast includes Clancy Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Dominic Lawton, Ken B Wild, Danny DeVito and Carl Weathers as Sheriff Carl Weathers!

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