We Have to Do Something Different

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In this episode of TeachLab, our host Justin Reich goes behind the scenes of the Teaching Systems Lab’s new documentary film We Have to Do Something Different: Teachers on the Journey to Create More Equitable Schools. The 35-minute film provokes important conversations about the big challenges facing schools by taking a detailed look at the small steps teachers around the country are taking every day to help their students succeed. These dedicated teachers provide hope that, while the systemic inequities in our schools won’t disappear overnight, educators can make a positive impact, starting now.

In this episode, Justin explains the film’s origins in TSL’s online course Becoming a More Equitable Educator. He then shares key clips from the film that show the teaching practices that help teachers build relationships with their students and engage students in challenging but important conversations about representation and equity. The episode ends with Justin interviewing Neema Avashia, social studies teacher in Boston Public Schools and one of the stars of the film. They discuss the current challenges facing public schools and the need to bring joy back into the classroom.

This fall, you can screen We Have to Do Something Different and get a peek into Neema’s classroom yourself. Attend a local screening or sign up to host your own. Learn more about screening opportunities and check out the screening guide at somethingdifferentfilm.com.

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