10 things you might not know about the Windrush

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To mark Windrush Day 2022, our resident history teacher Miss Patel is back for a lesson all about the Windrush Generation. In this lesson Greg and Bella will hear about the reality of life in post-war Britain and the Caribbean; the British recruitment campaigns that encouraged people to book their passage on boats like the Windrush; and they'll hear about the ship itself and it's surprising history. Miss Patel will talk about the passengers who boarded the Windrush itself - including a stowaway - and the welcome that they found once they arrived at Tillbury Docks on the 22nd June 1948. We'll hear the challenges they faced, and the amazing women who ought to be as well known as Rosa Parks, including Olive Morris, Altheia Jones-LeCointe and Paulette Wilson. Bad students of all ages are welcome. Expect brilliant teachers, captivating subjects but absolutely no homework. Get in touch - email us at teachme@bbc.co.uk

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