‘Tis The Season: Tips to Avoid Getting Wrapped Up

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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! But let’s face it, as wonderful as the holidays may be, they can also become incredibly expensive and overwhelming. Typically behind the holly jolly parties, gifts, and baking sessions, lives credit card debt, overspending and poor financial decisions. This week, Carla is kicking off the season to help guide you and your bank account towards a more cheerful experience, so you can enjoy every moment to the fullest without getting wrapped up in overspending. From budgeting to shopping tips, there are nuggets of wisdom within this episode that will serve you for life, no matter what your financial reality may be. ‘Tis the season, friends!

Today’s topics include:

  • The power of financial planning and creating a visual to see the whole picture
  • Financial and mental health benefits of getting your shopping done early
  • Best budgeting practices and tips for price matching gifts
  • How to stay on top of your spending during the holidays and throughout the year

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