Surviving Disruption: A Roadmap for Health Care Governance

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Disruption of traditional healthcare is inevitable and will be a central challenge for healthcare governance. We see new examples of “business disruption” every day, as innovators use technology, scale and consumer insights to create a lower-priced, more convenient consumer experiences, and force traditional companies down a path of compulsory cost-cutting and lost relevance. While the size and complexity of healthcare have slowed the process of disruption, its high costs and lack of convenience make it highly vulnerable to innovative, nontraditional competitors offering solutions that are more compatible with the digital era. To make sure boards of directors are well-prepared to address this challenge, McDermott Will & Emery and Kaufman Hall have partnered to bring you a new podcast series, Surviving Disruption: A Roadmap for Healthcare Governance, in which we'll identify the signs of disruption, how healthcare organizations can prepare, and the implications for healthcare governance.

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