Albuquerque’s Housing Crisis

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Albuquerque, like most US cities, has a housing crisis. But, it’s acute here. According to the City, the shortage is 80,000 homes, 30,000 units for those with low and moderate incomes and 50,000 market rate houses and apartments. Those with lowest incomes face the greatest challenges and, of course, this is one cause of homelessness. But the lack of available housing also affects workforce and economic development. In response, the City has announced a “Housing Forward” initiative to spur conversion of old motels and offices and the construction of new market rate housing.

Joining host Stephen Spitz to discuss this is Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller. We will explore how Albuquerque got here and how “Housing Forward” could change the housing landscape.

Produced with assistance of Lynn Schibeci, Gus Tafoya, and Tristan Clum.

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