Q&A Episode - Drinking Stories, Cryptocurrency, and Precious Metals

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Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 1:43 Haters 12:30 Rip tells drinking stories 26:35 Don’t be a pussy/breath between reps 28:38 Pain in the quads during the squat 33:35 Rip on printing money and cryptocurrency 47:53 Republicism vs. Libertariansm vs. Objectivism 55:54 Power cleans and age demographic 1:00:00 Pressing four times a week? How? 1:02:25 Scapular spasms 1:06:52 What about precious metals? 1:15:07 Weaker deadlift compared to squat 1:19:49 Does conditioning fade faster than strength?

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