Q&A Episode - Avery Island, Alex Jones, and More | Starting Strength Radio #118

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Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 1:49 Comments from the Haters 9:16 How to Pronounce Tabasco 14:41 40% of Brits are Fascists 23:12 How Not to Send in a Question 25:39 What Should People Have Hard Copies of? 36:20 How Not to do a 4 Day Split 38:05 Body Composition in the Military 41:43 Rip Talks Trucks 50:33 Radar Detectors 57:58 The Numbers Women Should be Hitting 59:00 Press and Bench Compared 1:01:11 Alex Jones was Right 1:03:12 Color Choice in Starting Strength 1:04:04 The Plan For SSR in the Far Future 1:06:58 Push Back Against Using a Belt 1:09:41 Book Recommendations 1:14:30 Weight Loss and Female Clients 1:17:11 Rip Talks 5 3 1 1:22:06 Where Do I Go Next in Training? 1:25:46 What Age Did You Reevaluate Training/Sports 1:28:07 Strength is How Much Weight is Moved

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