Monthly Book Breakdown: RETAIL PRIDE by Ron Thurston | Pros, Cons and Takeaways for Retail Leaders

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A retail focused guide to celebrating working in a retail store, we give an honest review of the ONLY leadership and skill based book written specifically for RETAILERS.

In tune with the mission of Stand Up Retail, this book (and its author) aim to take a positive approach to the work, potential and careers (accidental or otherwise) that happen within one of the most important and influential industry for the global economy.

We review the positives, the shortcomings and share our takeaways and most impactful moments.


Chapter List:

0:00 Intro

3:05 Initial Thoughts

3:40 About the Author

4:49 Who its For and Not For

6:08 The Breakdown

17:40 Recap

18:00 Overall Impression and Use Cases


22:05 Wrap Up

22:57 What we Offer


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