Flight 119 - Fumes & Bullet Point

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recorded on 22SEP2022

Welcome aboard Flight 119 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Fumes & Bullet Points

On today’s flight, I am joined by Captain Roger, Alex, and Rob D. Together we will discuss the FAAs recent denial to Republic Airways’ request to be exempted from the minimum ATP flight hour requirements, American Airlines’ plans to close some Flight Attendant bases in California, Rob D’s Fumes in the Cockpit event, Roger’s ovation after the best landing his VIPs ever experienced, and we explore a Milan, Italy layover with Captain Keith.

Jon Gruber sends us audio updates from the STIHL National Championship Air Races and Air Show in the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada. We also explore Camron’s feedback and question, “How do I ensure an interview at a Legacy Carrier?

All this and more on this the 119th episode of the Squawk Ident podcast.


FAA Denies Republic Airways...link

Colgan Flight 3407, wiki

AA plans to close FA bases...link

STIHL National Championship Air Races and Air Show

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Alex D.'s intro - "19th Floor" by Bobby Richards

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