Andrew Marchand on new NFL booths, latest sports media news

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Episode 406 of the "Sports Illustrated Media Podcast" hosted by Jimmy Traina features a conversation about the latest sports media news with "New York Post" columnist and reporter, Andrew Marchand.

Topics discussed include Amazon Prime's challenges as it begins its first season exclusively airing "Thursday Night Football," the backstory on Pat McAfee joining ESPN's "College GameDay," Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's "Monday Night Football" debut, problems with NBC's new booth for Notre Dame games, strong ratings for the NFL and college football, LIV Golf's TV future, whether rules analysts are overrated and much more.
Following Marchand, Sal Licata from WFAN radio and SNY TV in New York joins Jimmy for their weekly "Traina Thoughts segment." This week, the guys talk about their NFL viewing issues during Week 1, explain what they need from NFL Sunday Ticket after it moves away from DirecTV, give out their Week 2 best bets and more

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