College Basketball Predictions 2/6/23 | The College Basketball Experience (Ep. 313)

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The College Basketball Experience (@TCEonSGPN) on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network previews the upcoming February 6th slate of college basketball games. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) & Ryan McIntyre (@Moneyline_Mac) break down each and every game on the college basketball slate and key in on their favorite plays of the day. Will Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks bounce back in a big way at the PHOG against the 1st place Texas Longhorns?

Can Jon Scheyer and the Duke Blue Devils continue their momentum from the weekend on the road down in Coral Gables against the Miami Hurricanes? Is this a trap spot for the Weber State Wildcats in their fourth straight road game at the Northern Colorado Bears? Can Billy Gillipsie and the Tarleton State Texans get a big road win in Arlington against the Mavericks? Will the Milwaukee Panthers continue to roll in the Horizon League against the Green Bay Phoenix? Check out all of our predictions and more on this episode of The College Basketball Experience. View the SGPN Picks page for all the picks and locks on one screen!

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