'Tis the Season for Skittle-Dispensing Parkas and Audi A7's (For NFL Players That Is...)

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Way better than coal in your stocking...... 1. Von Miller is known for dishing out heart-stopping hits as one of the longest-tenured defensive players in the NFL (National Football League). But he still has a soft spot for his opponents. Before he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams, Miller gifted an autographed bottle of wine, featuring an image of his signature eyewear and a handcrafted thank you note, to every player in the AFC West. (The NFL has two conferences, with one being the American Football Conference). Miller sent out a total of 289 bottles and made sure to include players on practice squads and the injured reserve list. 2. Truly a gift from the heart. For years Peyton Manning wrote handwritten notes to athletes and sports figures he admired. He spent his off-season writing to the people on this list, usually after they reached a milestone or retired. He would note the person's respect for the game along with his notes of best wishes. 3. Quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Trevor Siemian have a sweet spot for their linemen. Flacco, who was a backup QB at the time, bought his linemen $2,000 slushie machines for the holidays one year, because why not? And the New Orleans Saints Siemian loved Skittles, so he purchased custom parkas for his linemen that dispense Skittles. Yes, the fur-rim hooded parkas have a button on the chest that, when pushed, Skittles arrive in a coat pocket. 4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line is a giving group that put a new spin on gift-giving. Instead of exchanging with each other, they pooled their money to give special bonuses for staff members who might get overlooked. These people take care of them every day like the kitchen staff, trainers and the equipment team. 5. The offensive line is the first line of defense for offensive stars like running backs and quarterbacks. So it makes sense that they're gifted accordingly for taking the big hits. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson gave his linemen each $12,000 in Amazon stock when he signed his new four-year/$140 million contract. Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott gifted his linemen John Deere UTVs; Tom Brady doled out new Audi A7s and Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry, custom Pac-Man arcade games.

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