Cringeworthy Freak Accidents That Occurred During An Athletic Competition

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After so many of you sent notes were about Remi Lindholm's frozen member during the Beijing Olympics, that got us thinking what other freak accidents and injuries have happened during athletic competitions? The cringe-worthy answers are below. These aren't our typical stories that you can drop into casual conversation, so we're impressed if you can figure that out. --------------------- TRANSCRIPT ------------------------- Finnish cross-country skier Remi Lindholm had a less than gold medal experience at the Beijing Olympics. His race, the men's 50km mass start cross country skiing, was reduced to 30km to accommodate the real feel temp of -26 degrees. Well, his penis froze during the race. He said it was a painful experience but note that this isn't the first time this has happened to him. Paulo Diogo, a member of the Swiss football (i.e., soccer) club, Servette FC, celebrated his goal by jumping into the crowd Lambeau Leap style. On his way, he caught his wedding ring in the fence, and the force ripped off the top of Diogo's finger. The referees gave him a penalty for excessive celebration to make matters worse. Could rugby players be the toughest athletes in the world? Wayne Shelford's story makes a good contest for the title. At the beginning of a game, Shelford was stuck at the bottom of a ruck (essentially a pile on over the ball) where he lost four teeth and, thanks to a competitor's cleat, a large tear to his scrotum that exposed its contents. Shelford was stitched up on the sideline and continued to play until the second half. He was hit in the head and left the game with a concussion. During the Rio Olympics, French race walker Yohann Diniz was 35km into his 50km race when he collapsed. The cause, "intestinal problems" that started midrace. As the cameras showed, Diniz was suffering from a severe case of diarrhea. He eventually got up and completed the race, finishing in eighth place. Slovenian biathlete Jakov Fak, who competed in five different events in Beijing, almost lost his trigger finger. During a World Cup event, Fak suffered third-degree frostbite on his trigger finger, causing it to turn black. He's lucky as fourth-degree frostbite means the finger would be amputated immediately. Thanks to daily treatments in a hyperbaric chamber, he recovered, but not before the finger lost all of its skin.

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