Wisdom with Doug Plank! Stickin Thinkin, Signing Autographs and Colonoscopy Real Life

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I love talking with Doug Plank each week he is so inspiring and so driven off the field and on the field. Write us to get questions answered by Doug Plank M@Megazee.com or text 4242.288.1364. Remember our goal is to implant ideas of how to make everyone better in their lives. You can do it, never settle for anything than your dreams. Shoot high, do not shoot to low in life. We appreciate you listening to our show that we love to do! We publish in all different socials but we are going to start here first and roll them out to other areas moving forward.
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In this video, I discuss with Doug Plank former Chicago Bears about Sports and Shopping.
I talk about Doug`s Experiences with the Chicago Bears as #46 Defense along with Head Coaching Football Stars & coach in the National Football League.
🎆 Hope you guys enjoy this!
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