[Exclusive] #75 Marrying Millions's Erica Moser: I was 18 and he was 61 when we dated

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This episode is super awesome, so much juicy juicy scoop!

Erica's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erica35mm/?hl=en

Erica's Candle Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/InspireCandleShop

0:00 Intro

0:01:50 Erica's potential relationship partner going on a trip together

0:02:23 Erica started her YouTube channel at 10 years old

0:03:55 How old is Erica in 2021?

0:05:45 Filming Marrying Millions Season 2 was done in her grandmother's house in Springfield not her parents

0:06:16 Erica relationship's with her father even if she dates men in their 60's and she's in her 20's

0:09:19 Dated her first older bf when she was 18 ( he was 61 years old at that time).

0:11:55 How did Erica at 18 years of age meet a 61 year old man and became bf /gf

0:14:44 Erica 61 year old bf was jealous of a her new 69 year old bf

0:17:10 How did Erica get on Marrying Millions?

0:19:00 How she met Rick and got on Marrying Millions

0:23:00 Watching the show, she didn't feel like herself because COVID hit and took so long to edit

0:23:45 Erica makes her own candles and sells it

0:26:00 How long Erica (18) dating Rick (69) before she got on the show?

0:26:50 How Erica deals with judgemental "looks" when she goes out

0:29:30 Erica feeling sad about trolls

0:31:25 Her new guy is a trade up!

0:31:51 Erica tried to date younger guys

0:34:30 Her current bf is 65

0:34:50 Why Erica is attracted to older men

0:36:19 Does Erica tolerate bad sex?

0:37:35 Marrying Millions Season 2 reunion

0:38:35 On Bill Hutchinson's allegation

0:41:00 Erica thinks got sick while filming because of mold in Rick's boat

0:42:00 What Erica won't tolerate in a relationship

0:45:00 The scene where she didn't want to get married last minute real or fake?

0:45:38 Rick wanted to get married to show off Erica to his friends

0:51:00 What was scripted in the show?

0:52:44 What would Erica do differently on Marrying Millions Season 2?

0:54:40 How love feels like for Erica

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