#77 [EXCLUSIVE] HBO Max The Big Shot with Bethenny's Wendy:I'm glad I didn't win

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Spiritual needs + reality tv stars interviews on Spirituality and Self-Love in the Modern World ™ podcast 👩‍💻 Ex techie @Twitch | Wrote Intuition is Your Superpower on Amazon🌎| Self Awareness Enthusiast | Breathing everyday, Meditate 40 mins in one setting ✨| Mentor & Mentee | Non- swimmer 🏊 | Listener & Learner ⚒️


  • Did Wendy know it was Bethenny Frankel when she applied for the show?
  • She confirmed that she applied and Bethenny cleared her resume and she got on the show.
  • She confirmed she was not recruited through social media like Nicole
  • Some contestants was a plant to cause drama as a VP of operations should not be someone with 1 year working experience
  • Wendy shares that this is level 8 of stressful experience in her life and why
  • Who started the rumor of Wendy and Brody flirting?
  • How Wendy felt when she didn’t win The Big Shot with Bethenny

  • How Wendy felt when contestant were hired straight away when they got cut without going through the whole challenge
  • What Wendy Cartagena is up to since The Big Shot with Bethenny wrapped up?
  • Wendy whole thyroid organ was removed
  • Her thyroid issue and her recovery since the taping of the show
  • Wendy Cartagena explains what thyroid cancer is
  • On medications since 11 years old and at 25 years old found out she has stage one cancer for her thyroid

  • Why getting your annual health checkup is important
  • Wendy has to be on medication her whole life
  • Wendy whole thyroid organ was removed
  • How Wendy feels fulfilled
  • Investment banking is what she wants to do to accumulate wealth

  • Investment banking is taxing to the mind soul and body as well
  • You don’t need to have a degree to switch careers
  • Who inspires her ( including Bethenny Frankel of cos!)
  • How Wendy started trading in college and invested all her savings in trading
  • Wendy started trading by investing in things she knows such as walmart
  • Why going with traditional investment bank is better than using an app like Robinhood
  • Robinhood has no customer support to call, apps generally don’t.

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