#57 Full moon ritual, can it really help you?

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Your full moon ritual can be completed on any scrap piece of paper that you have lying around the house. You don't need a specific notebook to complete this ritual . You can do it on loose-leaf you can do it on printer pape, r you can do it on a brown paper bag any type of paper that you have lying around but do not use your normal notebook.

If my paper doesn't burn all the way if your paper doesn't burn all the way ,keep burning it and really really really give it that power really really give it your energy and picture those things burning away so that it can burn faster you keep burning keep burning keep so you have nothing left.

If your paper is not burning, scientifically it can mean that you know use a specific type of paper that's resistant to flame but spiritually it means that your intentions were not really there. Maybe you're not ready to release the things that you wrote on the list .

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