#36 What's reincarnation got to do with it?

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In the last podcast ‘Karma is not a bitch’ I spoke about Karma, and laid the foundations for today’s podcast because Karma and reincarnation walk hand in hand. And when you know the principles of Karma, you are aware of reincarnation.

If you listened to my last podcast, you already know that Karma is a cosmic memory stick, it’s the collective knowledge about you – thoughts, words, actions, regardless if they are good or bad. And Karma’s purpose is to be your cosmic teacher – it knows all of your actions and rewards you accordingly, with a very smart reward system.

So, since we all have free will, we all make hundreds of decisions every day, and these decisions shape your life. If I take the decision to marry a certain person, this decision shapes my life and gives me a different direction from the direction I would guide my life in if I wasn’t married to this person. This is a very basic law– each decision brings us something, it changes a part of your life.

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