RADICAL SELF AWARENESS: Rooting into Authenticity, Biorhythms, and Rituals for Self Care with Rocío Graves

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Today’s episode will support all of our listeners to reconnect and tune into our highest, most authentic selves.

In the blossoming of Spring, we are nourished by this heart-opening conversation with the magical and loving Rocío Graves. Rocío has been through the seasons of life: from heartbreak, to chronic health issues, to spiritual rebirth and healing, we now find her in a joyous and healthy explosion of self-creativity: exploring cooking, gardening, poetry, unconventional self care and through it all: embracing a transformational philosophy of slowness.

Rocío is a true advocate for self evolution and humanity. She is a food alchemist, writer, chef, dancer, activist, food photographer, healer, steward of the land, and unique voice for sustainability. She received her BA in Human Rights in 2010 in London where she first dove into learning about water and farmer’s rights and later continued to explore through her studies of biodiverse regenerative farming and seed saving at vandana shiva’s organic farm and organisation ‘navdanya. While Rocío’s travels have taken her around the world, including to India (where she began her healing journey into Ayurveda) we now find her grounded, full circle, in her birthplace of Mallorca, Spain.

Our conversation highlights what Rocío has been able to embody so beautifully; honoring one’s Self. We explore routine, food, self-care, inner work, and all the pathways that lead to healing. Rocío highlights that through our journey in self-love, we recognize our interconnectedness with each other, the Earth, the Cosmos, and beyond.

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Where to find Rocío:


Rocío Graves on Instagram

Rocío on Spotify

Purchase Rocío's new E-book The Ones

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Books Mentioned:

The Sprout Book by Doug Evans

Music Mentioned

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