IN DEVOTION: Recognizing our Lifeprint and Divine Purpose with SriMati

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Today’s episode reverberates with love, empowerment and is a spiritual call to awakeness to all who tune in.

We are honored to be graced by the transcendental Julie Piatt or “SriMati”to SOUNDFOOD. SriMati’s life(times)long commitment to nourishing and expanding others along the path of healing emanates in all of her creative work.

SriMati is living a deeply authentic, devotional, and multi-dimensional life. She is a mother, artist, mystic, chef, author, alchemist, musician, healer, and dear friend. After a series of health and financial struggles, SriMati was able to elevate her consciousness, reinvent and heal herself, and rise up to a life of fulfillment, inspiration and service. In her member-based community, Water Tiger, SriMati assists others in finding their divine purpose through spiritual guidance. She has translated her journey of healing through a plant-based diet into over 500 recipes curated in 3 bestselling books: The Plantpower Way, The Plantpowerway: Italia, and This Cheese is Nuts. Her latest inspiring offering, SriMu Do Life, is a mouthwatering nut cheese that is beloved by health foodies everywhere.

Our conversation takes us through SriMati’s personal healing journey and leaves us with seeds of wisdom and hope for the collective. We discuss her dark-night-of-the-soul moments, the energetics of devotion,the importance of trusting yourself, the immense power of love, how we are all Creators, the deliciousness of plant-based foods, and more.

Be sure to listen through the end for a special SriMu offering for SOUNDFOOD listeners.

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