E(ART)H EMBODIED: Uniting the Mind, Heart and Spirit through Storytelling with the Ebinum Brothers

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If you are looking to connect more deeply with nature, the elements, art, creative process and a sense of purpose, this episode is here to nourish, ground and inspire you.

As we continue our conversations in reverence and celebration of Earth, we are honored to welcome the Ebinum Brothers to the podcast. Marvel and Victory Ebinum are artists and brothers from Lagos, Nigeria with a powerful story to share. Self-taught dancers, choreographers and artistic directors with a unique sense of movement, purpose and environment, the Ebinum Brothers have received growing acclaim for their beautiful films and choreography, which offer a poignant, love-imbued glimpse into the connection between human nature and Nature itself.

In this episode, Marvel and Victory open up about their artistic process, how they have learned to navigate through life’s limitations and challenges, their resolute belief in themselves and each other, as well as heartening words of wisdom on perseverance and authenticity. Their narrative is not only one that encourages growth; it activates it.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Ebinum Brother’s Films Mentioned:

“A Reason To Live”

Reason- Notes from the Underground”

“To Build a Home”

Songs Mentioned:

“Fast Cars” by Connie Constance

“Bridges” by Aisha Badru

“Let Her Go” by 6LACK

Soundfood Episode Mentioned:

“INTO THE MARROW OF BEING: Musings on Nature, Nourishment and Creation with Artist Beatrix Ost”

Where to find Marvel & Victory:


Ebinum Brothers on Instagram

Ebinum Brothers on YouTube

Ebinum Brothers on Facebook

Ebinum Brother’s Campaigns mentioned:

Garage by Vice article

Motorola G9 Campaign

Calvin Klein Campaign




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