DAUGHTER OF THE SUN: Honoring Earth, The Feminine and Ancestral Lineage with Spirit Weavers Founder Mea Woodruff

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We continue the celebration of Sisterhood this month on SOUNDFOOD as we shift into Spring. Our guest today, Mea Woodruff, is a mother, artist, visionary, leader in the feminine arts, Founding Mother of Spirit Weavers Gathering and land steward of Cedar Bloom Farm. Raised on a family ranch in Southern California, Mea has fostered a deep connection and reverence for nature through her relationship to plants, animals, community, preserving primitive skills, and living in harmony with the elements. In her work she has committed to honoring the land, in both her home in Kauai and on her farm in Oregon and pays homage to its ancestral, indigenous lineage. In this multi-dimensional conversation we explore the power of food, holistic living, healing, meditation, angelic forces, forgiveness, motherhood and the continual, cosmic journey for authentic nourishment.

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Where to find Mea Woodruff & Spirit Weavers Gathering:

5 Day Virtual Event March 18-22nd

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