À LA MODE : The Pursuit of a Passionate, Balanced, and Authentic Life with Vanessa Hong

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We are thrilled to have our beautiful guest Vanessa Hong join us today. Vanessa is a powerful creative, tastemaker, fashion influencer, podcast host, designer, model, stylist, and entrepreneur, committed to living a mindful, sustainable and holistic lifestyle. In true Aries style, Vanessa is always ten steps ahead of culture - as a pioneer in fashion blogging, founder of The Haute Pursuit, and advocate of a plant-based diet. In our conversation Vanessa gives us powerful insight into her challenges and vulnerability as a woman in the AAPI community, both working in the fashion industry and as a citizen of the World. Vanessa opens up about her healing journey through plant-based foods and holistic medicine, microdosing with psilocybin, yoga, meditation and self-care on all levels. Vanessa shares her vision for restructuring and revolutionizing the fashion industry and some exciting new projects she is involved with…. We are delighted to share this activating conversation with you!

Mentioned In This Episode:

Where to find Vanessa Hong:

Vanessa Hong on Instagram

The Haute Pursuit (currently under construction)

Vanessa Wants to Know on Instagram

The Society Management

Fashion Designers Mentioned:

Birgitte Herskind

Gil Rodriguez

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