Soul Vibrations - Sunset Diary (Summer 2012)

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I was off for a while, as probably most of you would realize. I'm back with another episode of Sunset Diary. I hope you enjoy the episode and the episode's should be uploaded regularly from now on. The fall is nearly here so I wish everyone a good fall season. Tracklist: 1- Stepping Trough Myself (Original Mix) - David August 2- Hold You (Original Mix) - Patrick Podage 3- Sonnentanz (Kellerkind Remix) - Klangkarussell 4- We Are The Future (Original Mix) - Niko Schwind & Lil Magdalene 5- Breath Deeper (Notenshun Remix) - Ralf Gum 6- Bodymovin' (Original Mix) - Adriatique 7- You & Me (Original Mix) - Janero 8- Jouissance (Eelke Kleijn Remix) - Jorg Murcus 9- Infinity (Original Mix) - Infinity Ink 10- Crazy Life (Original Mix) - Digitaria 11- Touching Me (Original Mix) - Finnebassen 12- Sunset (Original Mix) - Oliver Koletzki Feat. Fran Thank you for listening. You can subscribe to this podcast on ITunes Store via Podcasts. Sinan Taze

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