Soul Vibrations - Deeper Transitions 05.04.12

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This weeks Soul Vibrations, is another episode from the series, Deeper Transitions. This show was broadcasted on Radio 45 on the 5th of April. There are a couple of tracks which I want to talk about, and the first one is You Got To Love Me by David August, I really love this track, and another one is from my man Peaceful Mind a.k.a Baris Gogus from Turkey, and is called Universal Oneness. Peaceful Mnd is a fairly new producer and he is quite talented. I know him personally, and you should definitely keep an eye on his upcoming tracks. A big shout out to him.
1- You Got To Love Me (Original Mix) - David August
2- Around (Solomun Vox Remix) - Noir & Haze
3- Disco on the Dancefloor (Original Mix) - Kellerkind
4- Roots (Original Mix) - NTFO & Rhadow
5- Still (Bjorn Storig Remix) - Olver Koletzki Ft. Fran
6- Deez Nutz (Original Mix) - Maceo Plex
7- Universal Oneness (Original Mix) - Peaceful Mind & Crystal Drop
8- Snow Woman (Original Mix) - Gianni Amoroso
9- Lookin Out (Original Mix) - Maya Jane Coles
10- Come And Get It (Original Mix) - Nathan G
11- Shrulliver (Original Mix) - Ian Pooley & Matthias Vogt & MVIP
I hope you enjoy this episode to the max, since I did whilst making it.
Sinan Taze

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