The Vow Is Not A Cover-Up - 08-21-22 by Sokuzan -

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There are sixteen vows, but the basic vow is to be with all things. Whatever arises in your life stream, don’t object to it, don’t agree with it and certainly don’t ignore it. Those are the three poisons. It’s incredibly simple, yet impossible to accomplish. The vow to save all beings, to put others before yourself begins with seeing how selfish you are. It’s about being aware of that, not about stopping it or covering it up with ideas. This is why we have the vow, the offerings, and retuning to the buddha, the dharma and the sangha over and over and over. It feels useless. Accomplishing is the relative language of ego. If it looks like you’re getting somewhere, you’re probably in a rest area. This is a transcendent path.

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