Addicted to Perfection with Swan Huntley

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Author Swan Huntley on drinking to escape the trap of perfection, and why self-love is a part of every sober and sober curious journey. In the episode we discuss:

-Swan’s sober story – and how her drinking found her living a secret double life

-The book that made her realize it was time for her to quit

-Why everybody is sober curious before they get sober serious

-Why she decided to write a fictionalized account of somebody’s sober curious journey

-Reading and daydreaming as a healthy escape – and another way to dissociate

-Why total abstinence equals freedom from our addictions

-Whether there is any such thing as an “addictive personality” – and the factors driving our compulsive behaviors

-Why the themes of perfectionism and control are very much tied to addictive behaviors

-The concept of “keeping your side of the street clean” as it pertains to sobriety

-The process of letting go of thoughts, beliefs, and resentments that are keeping us stuck in the past

-The trap of using alcohol to unlock inspiration– and finding the courage to create sober

Learn more about Swan Huntley and her work HERE, get your copy of Getting Clean with Stevie Green HERE, and follow her on IG @swanhuntley

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