48. How to create social change through a non-profit

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Creating social change is a goal of many small non-profits. but it's not an easy task.
In this episode, Kirsty chats to Rhen Soggee, Executive Director and Co-CEO of ActNow Theatre, a socially conscious theatre company in Adelaide that's been a grassroots organisation for 14 years.
Rhen shares insights into how ActNow uses the arts and theatre to educate and inform on issues such a racism, gender and cultural diversity, and domestic violence.
Rhen also explains why it's important for small non-profit to take risks in the work they do, and the importance of diversity in non-profit leadership.
You can learn more about ActNow's work here: https://www.actnowtheatre.org.au/home
ActNow Theatre is a member of the Small Non-Profits Alliance. Learn about our free membership here: https://smallnonprofits.com.au/membership-account/membership-levels/

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