The Time I Was Abducted by Pretty Chill Aliens | Debt Is Fun. Eat More Debt. | Opinions Are for Suckers Audiobook

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Can you believe it? It's a third episode that no one asked for! But if you're looking for some advice from a robot about improving your small-talk game, this one's for you. Dutch Foley narrates the stories this time, as Plot Bot is too busy listing off the 34,000 types of fish.

Stories include butt-talking aliens, edible debt, and lessons on not giving a hoot. So tune in for some laughs...well, you might laugh if you have a weird sense of humor. I mean, for a comedy podcast, it's definitely a show you'd want to turn down when you pull up to a stop light in fear that others might hear the strange things coming out of your car, like when you're jamming to Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U." Anyways, enjoy!

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