The system that runs Norway's welfare payments 🇳🇴

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In today’s episode we have the pleasure of Audun Fauchald Strand, Principal Software Engineer at, Norway’s Labour & Welfare Administration. We will be talking about, the application platform that runs on-prem, as well as on the public cloud.

Imagine hundreds of developers shipping on an average day 300 changes into a system which processes $100,000,000 worth of transactions on a quiet week. If you think this is hard, consider the context: a government institution which must comply with all laws & regulations.

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Show Notes: average weekly service deployments, 2009 - 2022 average weekly service deployments, 2009 - 2022
Audun & Gerhard

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(00:00) - Welcome
(01:03) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(04:07) - Intro
(08:27) - NAV vs NAIS
(10:10) - What's good about having NAIS?
(14:13) - Why K8s?
(16:17) - Kollide, Unleash, how close are you?
(17:50) - Favorite NAIS tool
(20:29) - Kyverno
(23:48) - Sponsor: Raygun
(25:46) - How do you secure the data?
(27:02) - Cilium and eBPF?
(30:51) - How long has Audun been in tech?
(33:59) - Challenges from Covid
(40:31) - Success story
(42:58) - How big is NAIS?
(45:51) - GCP in practice
(47:03) - Missing from GCP
(49:11) - Migrating the older services
(51:33) - A good day for Audun
(53:56) - The SLSA model
(55:05) - Anything bigger?
(56:21) - Inspiration for NAV
(58:21) - Go listen to this talk
(59:37) - Wrap up
(1:01:08) - Outro

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