Shimmy Cast Episode #65 - Springfield Interviews

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Episode 65 is available for download.
38:32minutes 18MB
In this episode you'll hear:
1) Answers to: What makes a good bellydance teacher?
The next question: where is the stranges place you've worked on a costume?
2)News - see forum board for links.
3) Review: The Bollywood Dance Workout Reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this DVD.
4) Podcast-safe music: Electric Butterfly from the album Evolution by Falik, which is available at
5) Review: Baila Habibi Vol. 4 reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.
6) Emails/Feedback
7)Interview with Springfield Attendees
8)Podcast-safe music: Horus Funk from the album Electro Cairo by Haze provided by Ioda Promonet.

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