Shimmy Cast Episode #38

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Episode 38 is available for download.
51:15 minutes 24.6MB
In this episode you'll hear:
1)Answers to the Question of the Week: Who are some of your favorite musicians? What body adornment/art do you like? How did you get into bellydance? What type of reviews would you like to hear on Shimmy Cast?
The next question: What is your favorite costume accessory?
2)News - see forum board for links.
3)You'll See It On You Tube: Tito and little Mimo drum solo
Bellydance Odyssey Raks at Luna Gitana
4)Podcast-safe music: Ioda Promonet
Sweet Nomad Girl: Folk Music From Afghanistan
Download "Naghmeh Bajekhaneh" (mp3)
from "Sweet Nomad Girl: Folk Music From Afghanistan"
by Abdul Wahab Madadi
Metier World

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    6)Article: Interview with Zivah Serpentina
    7)Podcast-safe music: Ioda Promonet
    Glimpse Of Kutchi Music
    Download "Umer Mari" (mp3)
    from "Glimpse Of Kutchi Music"
    by Mustafa Ali Jat & Bheth Artists
    De Kulture Music

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