Shimmy Cast Episode #15

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Episode 15 is available for download.
24:32 minutes 11.8MB
In this episode you'll hear:
1) Answers to the Question of the Week: Your favorite costume style and why?
The next question: What prop have you found to be the most difficult to work with and how have you overcome it?
2)News - see forum board for links.
3)Review: CD Putumayo Presents Greece A Musical Odyssey Various Artists reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.
4)Podcast-safe music: Psithyros from the album The Path Beyond by Tim Rayborn, which is available at
6)Article: Nearly Everything You Need to Know About Candles by Anala Rabari.
7)Music: Cafe Abuse Tone from the album A Tribal Metamorphosis by Pentaphobe. This song is not for duplication and is copyrighted Mondo Melodia Inc. For more information you can go to his website at

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