Full Interview: Pastor Jeff Copeland, Kingdom Bridges Ministries

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My guest today is Pastor Jeff Copeland. Pastor Jeff and his church First Baptist of Robertsdale, Alabama have worked in Moldova and Ukraine for the past 20+ years. In partnership with his church, Pastor Jeff recently stepped down as Senior Pastor to start Kingdom Bridges, a ministry focused on helping with the relief efforts in Ukraine and supporting the Ukrainian church. Check out today's podcast to hear his story and learn how you and your church can partner with Kingdom Bridges to help pray for and mentor a church in Ukraine. Learn more about Kingdom Bridges: https://www.kbridgesministries.com/ Don't forget to Like, Follow, and Share. Also, we need your help to keep these stories coming! Please visit https://linktr.ee/shaunwinn.com and click "Support the Podcast" to make a donation today. If you know someone helping in Ukraine or a Ukrainian Refugee that would like to share their story, please send me their information at info@Shaunwinn.com

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