Full Interview: Iryna and Vitalii Krokhmal

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I'm excited to have Iryna and Vitalii Krokhmal on today's podcast. Some may remember Iryna from her Fox News Interview with Lori Brown - https://www.fox4news.com/news/north-texas-non-profit-seeking-help-as-they-get-ukrainian-refugees-to-safety. The Fox interview took place just a couple of weeks after the war began when she was staying in the home of Pastor Alex Malancea and his family in Moldova. Vitalii, Iryna's husband, made the difficult decision to stay in Ukraine and work with his Church to continue providing help to those in need. Check out this POWERFUL update on where Iryna, Vitalii, and their children are now. Don't forget to Like, Follow, and Share. Also, we need your help to keep these stories coming! Please visit https://linktr.ee/shaunwinn.com and click "Support The Podcast" to make a donation today.

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