Bob Skinstad on playing for the Boks, Rassie’s videos and dinner with Mandela

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Lawrence Dallaglio, Sarra Elgan and ES rugby correspondent, Nick Purewal, are joined by former Springbok captain, Bob Skinstad, who talks about his early days playing for South Africa, what led him to step away from the professional game for a few years before returning in 2007 to win the World Cup, and what he thinks about the social media posts by the Springboks’ Head Coach, Rassie Eramus.

Plus, there’s an honest review of Saturday’s game at Twickenham, a round-up of the Premiership action and Bob shares his views on whether Eddie Jones and Wayne Pivac should still lead their teams into next year’s World Cup.

Also, discover the nickname that never stuck and why Bob’s proudest rugby moment is also one of his saddest as he answers Lawrence’s quickfire questions in ‘Tackled’.

And Lawrence, Sarra, Bob and Nick all select their ‘Outstanding’ players from across the weekend.

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