Purposeful Pivoting: Krystal Eicher

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In this episode we are continuing our Purposeful Pivoting Interview Series with Wendy asking Krystal about her pivots in entrepreneurship.

Krystal started her journey in entrepreneurship in 2018 after spending 6 years as a stay at home mom. She started a business as a travel advisor, and was well on her way when the pandemic forced her to make a pivot in 2020. From there she made the decision to lean into her strengths as a marketer and begin teaching marketing strategy to other travel business owners. And yet, something still was not quite right. She began to reflect with her coach on her own strengths and purposes and began to lean in more to the marketing world. Listen to her story!

Have you ever considered a pivot in your business? Check out our free purposeful pivoting guide to see if a pivot is needed in your business.

You can grab the guide at purposefulpivot.info

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