Record Labels, A&R, and Always Moving to What's Next | with Tal Oz

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Today’s guest is manager and independent record label owner Tal Oz. Tal began his career on the engineering side, working at Interscope, where he would eventually transition into A&R. He continued his A&R path at Mom+Pop Music before moving into producer, mixer, and artist management. Some of his current management clients include Doug Schadt, Evan Sutton, and Rob Cohen. He’s also recently co-founded a boutique independent label called Hundred Days. We have a great chat about switching from the recording studio to the record label, 100 hour work weeks, assisting Jimmy Iovine, and the importance of finding the the next thing that excites you.

In this episode we'll dig in on...

  • Working in a hotbed of amazing major label artists
  • The recording studio is a service business
  • Seeing the writing on the wall of the future of engineering
  • Switching into the label side and working as Jimmy Iovine's Assistant
  • Linn Drum Samples
  • Understanding record deals, what you get and what you give up
  • Management for producers and engineers
  • Learning to read the data
  • Finding a unique element to define a sound
  • Scaling as an independent artist
  • Creating a brand as an engineer or mixer... it's about value
  • Leaving college to attend Musician's Institute
  • Engineering for Ron Fair
  • Stephen Pressfield "The Art of War"
  • Tiago Forte "Building a Second Brain"
  • The Defiant Ones documentary

Travis' Intro: Planning for Creativity

Learn More About Tal Oz...




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Guest: Tal Oz

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Stephen Boyd

Theme Music: inter.ference

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