EP28: Introducing Shoebert — and the moral quandaries of our time

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We're decorated, stocked up, and ready to enter the holiday season — with "Shoebert the Traveling Seal." Hear all about Industry Books, our micropublishing house, and our latest project, a children's book that details the travels of the real-life Shoebert, a seal who arrived in a Beverly pond in an industrial park and promptly became a social media star and beloved mascot. It's fun. But we've also been reading, and you can hear our thoughts on RF Kuang's "Babel" (one of the more important books of the last decade? What is the moral culpability of the person who inveted the "like" button? Are we crossing the HarperCollins picket line by talking about this book? How is Kuang only 26?), "Lavender House" (an LGBTQ mystery), the new Stephen King (the King Paradox!), the "Graceling" graphic novel, and the latest by a Waring School graduate(!), which drives a discussion of what "women's literature" might be.

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