EP27: Veronica Roth is still awesome, but social media is not

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This week, we're legitimately live from the Book Shop, where we've already got the Christmas crackers out — even Thanksgiving crackers! — and things are heating up. But don't worry: This is just a regular discussion of the books we're reading, including the new Veronica Roth (chased off Twitter, but Hannah remains a fan), the discussion of which reminds Sam of "Andor" and "Station Eleven" and leads to a social media diatribe; a Greek mythology rehash Sam doesn't like much; more on why "The Golden Enclaves" is awesome; the genius behind the brand-new "Babel"; the new Claire Keegan, which is not a Christmas book but is awesome like "Small Things Like These" and makes a wonderful hostess gift; and a fun new murder mystery featuring real-life medical workers who've done evil things.

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