Ep 5: Sending Your First Email and Creating Your Plan

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An ending AND a beginning in one - here’s where our journey wraps up and yours just gets going! Check it: you know how to craft an amazing offer, make a bomb opt-it to support it, and share it with the world. Dang. NOW, we are going to talk about how to serve your brand new, ever-growing list. This lesson covers:

  • 6 Types of emails to send your list to learn more about your people!
  • Planning out your next 30 days
  • What it looks like to prioritize serving before selling

Episode 5 Assignment: Log in to your email list platform and get ready to create the first email that you are going to send to your list! Then make a plan for your emails for the next four weeks. And then sneak a little moment to celebrate.

Make sure to email us at support@jennakutcher.com to share your results from completing this challenge!

Just like these episodes, your sidekick for this journey, listbuildchallenge.com, isn’t going anywhere! But make sure you squeeze every last drop of goodness out of this site before you go on your merry way.

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