What’s a girl to do?

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Title by Jason Scott

It's a happy, safe and secure time for Jan, Sam and their dog Henry as they live happily in their locked up two storey house in Toorak. Little did they know that the Neighbourhood Witches were waiting to steal their doggo. When Sam takes Henry out for an innocent toilet break in the middle of the night, the two witches of Toorak strike! Sam returns to tell Jan about the witches and Jan reveals a bombshell and a cunning plan.

Song List: "Security is for me", "Our name's might be half rhyme, but I'll give you my whole heart", "What's a Girl to do?/We'll steal the pet", "Belrog the witch's dog", "We'll chop down the tree", "Le Tango Witchanne - Rakkabobo/Belrog the Community Dog"

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Cast: Izaak Lim, Morgan Phillips, Zoë Harlen and David Peake on keys Teched by Jack O'Riley Edited by Morgan Phillips

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