E513 - CFC - Who Will Come Out On Top As Crowdfunding Shifts In 2022?

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Capital raising has never been easy… and unfortunately, it’s not getting easier…

The bumpy market is causing many accredited investors to hunker down and wait.

Fortunately, our long-time friend of the show, Dr. Adam Gower, is here to share his insights on

how to motivate prospective clients to weather the storm WITH YOU!

Dr. Gower is a digital marketing expert who works for the top crowdfunders in the industry…

He has identified 2 crucial trends:

  1. The cost of acquiring leads is going up
  2. It’s harder to convert leads because Accredited Investors are feeling less wealthy

However, in this episode, we go into detail about:

  • How to overcome these challenges
  • What asset classes are outperforming
  • AND… Where Adam is finding significant discounts on real estate!!!

Make sure to tune in to make the most of the rare opportunities we are currently seeing!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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