WTKA Roundtable 8/5/2021: Old Jed’s a Millionaire

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Things discussed:

  • Tarris Reed: Expect him to commit tonight. Solid big who will be around for a few years. Not a one-and-done.
  • Emoni Bates: Somehow managed to finish “high school” 2 years early, using colleges as leverage for a pro deal.
  • But Jett Howard might be a two-and-done.
  • NIL: Michigan is slow off the block. Endorsements are pennies, money is coming from boosters.
  • Sam: Amateurism was always a scam. It wasn’t about character; it was about classism. Coaches & administrators started getting paid like pros and it blew the whole model up.
  • Make an NIL fair. What do you think it should be—don’t use NCAA’s standard because they don’t have one.
  • You don’t become the Pac12 commissioner by being a competent individual. These are rich guys who didn’t have the competence to be in charge of something actually important.
  • Expansion: Sam: SEC is smart, setting themselves up for when they have to share TV money with the players.
  • Big Ten plan: Step one is see if you can make your own mega-conference with ACC and Pac schools. Then look at adding the Pac. Kansas? Take their basketball program.

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