WTKA Roundtable 8/12/2021: Hashtag Buckeye Problems

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Things discussed:

  • AUGUST!!! I mean August 21sxt
  • Breakout players. We go right past QB (and Blake Corum) to…
  • Craig: Most important on defense is Mazi Smith. Thinks we’ll see some Junior Colson.
  • Seth: Zak Zinter and can he make it work at center, because that is the key to the whole thing they want to run.
  • What do they mean by “We’ve got to run the ball more?” Seth: They spent half of their downs last year either in comeback mode or behind the chains, where they had to throw the ball downfield because a six-yard gain can’t help them.
  • Defense: Third and Grantham. They’re going to take gambles, dangle big yards for the offense to get them to fall into traps. High-risk, high-reward.
  • During the break Sam talks about Walter Nolan’s recruitment. They’re coming up for at least two games. If you like clean recruitments this isn’t the one for you.
  • Skip (filling in for Ira) goes on blast for his Spartandom.
  • Where does Michigan finish in the East? Third. Even when we finish first we’re third. Look around the East: they’re down. Indiana looks good.
  • Seth: The QBs of the Big Ten suck this year, except Penix. I don’t like Mertz at all. Clifford is the third straight three-year starter Penn State broke.
  • Adrian Martinez can ball, but has nobody around him.
  • Ewers is at Ohio State because the State of Texas wouldn’t let him make any money, not because he thought he can compete.

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