WTKA Roundtable 7/15/2021: Who Gets the Ring?

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Things discussed:

  • Legal advice for Dwayne Haskins. Ann Arbor Elder Law is going to be really impressed about Seth’s knowledge of Michigan case law.
  • NIL versus cheating: What’s the difference?
  • Sam lays out how he would make his NIL pitch to counter Florida’s “Gatorade” play.
  • Sam: I think Wes would choose Michigan over Florida.
  • Michigan’s advantages and disadvantages in recruiting. Players want to WIN more than you do.
  • Where’s the NIL money coming from? Are ADs worried that it’s coming from their waterfalls?
  • NCAA cheating is great for money laundering. Ed Martin came along 30 years too early.
  • Why is a Michigan like a Ravens offense? Because we’re going to be big up front, and use motion to let the RBs pick their gaps pre-snap. They don’t have a Lamar Jackson at quarterback. Ravens use HUGE linemen in their spread, and Michigan’s trying to put Zak Zinter at center. Seth doesn’t think it changes what Michigan was already doing—they were already using a lot of Greg Roman’s Beef Spread offensive philosophy.
  • Why is a Michigan like a Ravens defense? Because we’re going to be big up front, and force defenses to try to attack us outside. We discuss whether they can make it work?
  • Is Michigan’s defense going to improve? Yes. They’ll go from 115th to 90th. Huzzah!

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