WTKA Roundtable 10/7/2021: Meditations on a Fetty Wapping

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Things discussed:

  • A Fetty Wapp is the internet term for a 38-17 victory.
  • Wisconsin’s left tackle was really bad in pass pro.
  • Wisconsin’s defense is For Real. Sanborn and Chenal were beating up on our tight ends.
  • Exception: split zone versus a guy slanting inside from inside. That block doesn’t work. Can’t punish that with McNamara.
  • Ben Mason is pined for. Dives behind Stueber and Zinter work.
  • I mean if someone said this was single wing offense versus a 5-3 defense in 1950 what’s the difference?
  • Are our mesh points real? Seth now thinks McNamara is missing them.
  • Michigan capitalized in some high-leverage situations.
  • McNamara: Missed a lot of long reads that we never saw because Fox broadcasts are so bad. If you go to the video at around 11 minutes you can see the screenshots that Sam brought up. Wheel route: McNamara put it in the only spot that safety could have broken it up. First play he had a TD to Sainristil. The shorted throw on 4-verts to Roman had a wide open seam to All.
  • Hutchinson was rampant. Michigan played with a 5-1-5 and can get away with it because Hutch owns one edge and Dax owns the other.
  • Defense had such a dominant start it could have been 28-0 after the 1st quarter.
  • Hockey talk: Exhibition looked like Michigan is going to be a MONSTER this year. Kent Johnson has turned the corner. Mix of forwards seems to be perfect for three lines of a Grinder+Scorers.

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