The Michigan Hockeycast 4.3: Victories Over 10,000 Lakes

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With David Nasternak and Alex Drain

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.

[Writeup after THE JUMP]


Segment 1: Puttin' Down the Dawgs 0:51

  • Intro and Did Michigan think the game started a half hour later?
  • Why do they hate Nick?
  • The Power Play Starts the Offense
  • Brisson, Beniers, and Van Whye
  • Michigan deflates the third period

Segment 2: You Say Mavericks, I Say Screaming Eagles 34:06

  • Is Michigan just starting late to keep it close?
  • Once again, it's the Power Play!
  • Why are we in the box so much? Shhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Bordeleau and Brisson take over the third
  • Takeaways, the B10, and a look to Western


  • NHL on ESPN Theme
  • 'Coach' Opening Theme Song
  • Ice Hockey (NES) theme

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