MGoRadio 7.1: First-Time Red Bullers

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1 hour and 13 minutes

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[After THE JUMP: the player and what we said]


1. Washington Offense

starts at 1:00

Alex thinks the offensive line and John Donovan’s play-calling are the problems. Also the quarterback. Also all of their receivers are hurt.

2. WMU After UFR: The Offense

starts at 16:52

Jimmy Lake’s defenses always know what they’re doing however, and always have a never ending supply of NFL cornerbacks. Tuli and Taki up front will be a bigger test for our suddenly lively inner OL.

3. Phil Brabbs and Washington 2002

starts at 30:16

We remember the 2002 Michigan-Washington opener, from the perspective of the guy who made the winning kick none of us believed he would, and the guy who was given Red Bull for the first time before entering the stadium.

4. WMU After UFR: The Defense

starts at 51:30

Recalibrating how much I love the running backs. They put a lot on Josh Ross. NHG’s issues seemed fixable. Might also have to recalibrate how we think of DL statistics.


Tonight’s featured band is Goat Motor, the Chicago-based funk rock band for whom reader Dustin Fillion does the bass work. Check them out on Spotify, or on their Facebook page.

  • “Hold Me Back”
  • “Slate”
  • “How Could I Be So Blind”

And because Sony bought our song and slapped a claim on us, the opener and outtro:

  • “Funk It Up Old School”
  • “Russian Vodka”—Motorboat

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